I am back
2006-05-05 16:06:08 ET

So just my comp back and started a my-space which is so not like here *pouts* So any how I am dying over here with dial up but by the end of JUNE I shall be on a satelite connection *woo Hoo* So bare with me heh.

2006-05-05 16:29:41 ET

dial up = hell on earth. godspeed satelite!

2006-05-05 18:02:32 ET

not so bad in SK

dislikes blondes aye

2006-05-05 19:37:15 ET

myspace is designed horribly compared to sk, but its great for networking and its free promotional access. (i used to work for myspace and am contemplating working there again...ha)

2006-05-05 19:38:40 ET

also, your bio sounds keen (yay for pink) and you are very pretty. don't know why i hadn't noticed your page really before today...hrm.

2006-05-07 15:15:33 ET

Why thanks Turbo and yeah I have been on here for some time my best friend Nicsinn introduced me to this site.

2006-05-07 15:17:26 ET

Oh and hey MattHolck the I hate blondes is more like my oxy moron seeing as how I am blonde *laughs*

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