Razor blade soup taste good to me
2006-07-02 17:52:40 ET

Blah you know sometimes you just wanna say "What the fuck man?". Yeah one of those days. Oh how I love the feel of my fist through someones face as of right now *evil grin* Yeah and sad thing is you guys I have not much reason to feel this way . I guess somedays you wake up all happy and some days you just wanna fucking kick ass. So yeah well whatever..................

2006-07-04 20:24:49 ET

being human can suck sometimes...just have to press on

2006-07-05 11:10:47 ET

Tis true you got that one right Oh how I long for a fellow vampire friend to take me places unknown *laughs* Yeah right I'm in waking hours but hey thanks Turbo for the upward look out today is better than last *smiles*

2006-07-05 20:13:26 ET

good (:

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