A New Start- What is Yours!!!!
2002-12-30 03:07:24 ET

Well with the New Year coming in two days I decided to delete all my entries and start a new journal. I Think with a bit more time I am going to chnage my entire look on my page tas well. But for now what I want to know is what are your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION going to be???

Mine is going to stop throwing clothes after they are washed and dried into a huge mountain piled up to my ceiling LOL? And you?

2002-12-30 03:21:42 ET

to stop looking for...

2002-12-30 04:02:56 ET

Your kids are insanely cute!

2002-12-30 05:37:24 ET

to atleast attempt to be nicer to people i can't stand and have to be around daily, like my roommate and my manager at work. bleh.

2003-01-02 04:26:24 ET

Skyospark-Thanks ever so much *smiles*

Happily Geek I know that feeling that one may take some working on LOL. So far you guys my resolution has not been done yet been sick and in the bed *sighs* Oh well I have a whole year to work on it right LOL

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