We're Not Gonna Bother With the Background
2005-11-11 23:18:41 ET

Suffice it to say, i'm in a relationship in which I am quite in love, and where the person is very similar to myself. I'm, therefore, an idiot for what I am about to confess:

i'm sitting here in a room with a boy i love curled up on my bed. i managed to get people the Xmas gifts i'd been gunning for. i'm happy and doing okay in school, i have friends i love slacking off with and some new friends to be a board-gamer geek with, even if it means more slacking off.

and yet.

and yet, i am sitting by my artboard, cutting more ribbons into my stupid arm by candlelight because my stomach is insanely sick and i've hit the three a.m. wall,and rather than going to sleep like a normal person, i am also an insomniac who is stuck being awake.

I want to talk to the lanky-emo-boy about the way i'm feeling, but he's sleepy and has work in a few hours, and what the hell kind of girlfriend would i be if i woke him up to tell him i'm depressed?

Yuck. not the kind of girlfriend i want to be.

Also: I am not being dramatic with my inconsistent lack of capitalization, my goddamn shift key is on the fritz again, and of course it's the side i compulsively use.

'got another luxury...problem...'

Yeah, let's whine. I'm so veddy veddy angsty-goth.

2005-11-11 23:36:45 ET

Welcome to SK!
Hehe, I once woke up my boy at about 2-3 in the morning because I was depressed... He got really pissed off, but I just felt like I was about to have a heart attack or something, and was very very very lonely.
OK, so I'm a bad girlfriend. :/

2005-11-11 23:44:01 ET

And mine wakes me up when I snore. Welcome to SK. Your bio is cute.

2005-11-12 02:42:51 ET

Welcome to SK.

2005-11-12 04:09:32 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in the van. >:O

2005-11-12 06:46:03 ET

Welcome to SK.

2005-11-12 08:28:05 ET

hey, welcome to sk, have fun :)

2005-11-12 15:41:42 ET

Welcome to SK

2005-11-15 02:50:26 ET

Kyaaa...^ ^

Thank you...

And anyone else choosing to do what I didn't have teh cojones to do doesn't make them a bad GF. Just braver than me.

Which is good, as I tend to be a coward about the interpersonal stuff.

2005-11-27 15:36:00 ET

*Screeches to a halt in a black and red "A-Team" style van while blaring Metallica's "Master of Puppets."*

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