The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
2003-11-08 15:10:14 ET

As sung by Leonard Nimoy and a bunch of women with fake ears!

2003-11-08 15:34:18 ET


2003-11-08 15:47:46 ET

wow ... that's just ...



2003-11-08 16:12:02 ET

I've seen and heard the vinyl of this.

Click and Clack once described a particular automotive innovation as "the worst idea since Leonard Nimoy launched his singing career." pH34r.

2003-11-08 16:12:09 ET

Chastity: My thought exactly when I saw it.

2003-11-08 16:13:25 ET

I've heard the song several times before, but have never seen the video.

2003-11-08 17:16:28 ET

yay! lets all do the hobbit hop!

2003-12-11 06:51:32 ET

The audio doesnt work when i download it, and is more disturbing that way

2003-12-20 13:08:13 ET

that's so strange. HOw many albums does he have out?

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