In case you ever run out of Kool-Aid...
2002-07-20 12:08:13 ET

This product is so WRONG.

Read the testimonials, they're hilarious.

2002-07-20 12:57:28 ET

What do you do during your free time?!?!? Collect odds and ends of sexual product lines up your sleeves?

2002-07-21 00:54:50 ET never knows when one will have to make a cool and refreshing drink out of one's own ejaculate.

2002-07-21 08:11:25 ET

Oh yah babe~! *chug*

2002-07-23 11:55:03 ET

mmm mmm

2002-07-23 12:58:55 ET


2002-07-24 03:57:19 ET

i'm gunna get me some of this.. then sell my jizz as a drink outside my house.

2002-07-24 09:34:07 ET

I'll buy it!

2002-07-24 12:16:20 ET

*pinning shudder*

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