Blocked up like a constipated elephant
2002-03-24 15:21:51 ET

Anyone have any sure-fire cures for writer's block? I'm writing a paper and can't seem to get very far without thinking, "Duh...what do I write now???" I hate when this happens. :( Going out last night rather than concentrating on my work doesn't seem to have helped. *sigh*

2002-03-24 15:31:45 ET

my cure for writers block is to write the most pretentious paragraph I can on the subject and then cnange it so that you draw the pretension out for several paragraphs.

2002-03-24 15:39:47 ET

tell an ordinary story but leave out the boring parts...and umm make shit up? i write in an existentialist style so i describe a lot of what is seen and tactile...

2002-03-24 17:23:18 ET

hey. I need help too! I just wrote what I thought was 10 pages. Whoops. Only 9. I need help.

2002-03-24 22:23:13 ET

It's called the Bohemian Mafia. I put you in concrete boots and if you don't write a fucking novel good enough to make syko cry....i throw you in da drink. Kapish? Now that's inspiration

2002-03-26 04:27:18 ET

try to expirence a lot of things right away. then don't think about writing. if you are a true writer you will burst with ideas and not be able to restrain yourself from writing down something. but i still think lokichilde's idea is a good one.

2002-03-26 11:10:25 ET

baha ha Loki!

you are writing a paper, not creative shit? go back to your outline and add a few more bones to the skeleton. Then put some flesh on them, and another quote. You're done!

2002-03-27 18:52:42 ET

I usually write some ideas down, leave it be, and then come back and work on it later.

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