Stupidity strikes again!
2002-09-17 11:42:24 ET

I was out last evening so I missed all the excitement. A woman in the building next door fell eleven storeys to her death after trying to climb around to her balcony from the balcony of a neighbour's apartment. Apparently she'd been locked out of her apartment by her boyfriend and was trying to get in through the balcony. She lost her grip trying to get through the pigeon netting and SPLAT! Wonder if she'll win a Darwin Award.

2002-09-17 11:44:39 ET


That poor lady. :[

2002-09-17 11:45:21 ET

that was her in the newspaper today?!

damn ... and right next to your building?!

2002-09-17 23:21:20 ET

i think the story should be submitted.

2002-09-22 19:23:54 ET

T.O. has the oddest collection of people.
She'll at least make the Guiness nomination for stupid people.

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