It's official!
2004-12-08 19:47:14 ET

I'm hyped up like a rockstar on china white!

I slept in today...
2004-12-07 13:40:06 ET

SCHOOL THAT IS! Muhaahahaha

You have mail.
2004-12-06 06:23:46 ET

NO I DON'T! Maybe it's a lame unix thing to tell you that you have mail when you really don't. I deleted all my past messages and all that so... WTF?!

Yuppie luv
2004-12-03 21:49:52 ET

(02:34:42) CountMech:
(02:34:48) CountMech: They stole my fucking idea!
(02:35:13) CountMech: Ask Mitch, he'll tell ya!
(02:35:18) CountMech: Bang Boat was my idea!
(02:36:38) WMG: hahaha
(02:38:20) WMG:
(02:38:23) WMG: that's crazy
(02:38:59) CountMech: You think?! That could've been done on the ferry if I had my way.
(02:39:37) WMG: the ferry doesn't have soft cushioned seats like that though
(02:40:52) CountMech: Man, you don't know, you don't know...
(02:41:47) CountMech: ...and I suppose you'd like the wine/dine, plush carpet and roses to go with your sex.
(02:42:01) WMG: Yes, actually I would
(02:44:15) CountMech: You're a women, goto hell.
(02:44:50) CountMech: Lemmy never had those things with his sex.
(02:44:59) WMG: Which of the two of us has been with a woman?
(02:45:19) WMG: when you're bagging chicks like Lemmy you can say that stuff isn't worth shit
(02:45:30) WMG: But I think it counts for something.
(02:45:38) CountMech: hmm, I'll ask Piotr.
(02:45:59) WMG: good idea
(02:47:20) WMG:
(02:47:37) WMG: or you could ask a chick

What say you readers?

Lita Ford discussion
2004-11-30 12:38:17 ET

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