2003-10-22 15:13:02 ET

Coverdale and Page is real awesome stuff.

Mating call!
2003-10-22 11:05:58 ET

I want the sex too and have been wanting alot more than usual for the past week.

'This has been a message brought to you by the M4D CH1X for tetesuro foundation.'

This is stupid
2003-10-22 09:10:50 ET

Real stupid

"HERE I AM!!! ...Rock you in the ACM!" --Scorpians
2003-10-17 09:13:29 ET

...well, not really.

I just got of physics lab. It turns out I did pretty well on my last two labs. This is good considering I screwed myself with this class last semester because I was too lazy to actually do the lab reports.
I even went to physics recitation this morning. I've missed two weeks worth of homework and recitations in this course but I'm gonna catch up.

I made plans to meet a friend/customer sunday. She bought this box from me (built with parts my brother found a while back.) It turns out that the win 2k install didn't properly find the modem. Either the modem is bogus or it needs drivers. Well, the modem doesn't have a name so no luck finding drivers.

Whats annoying is that she lives all the way in queens and I just figured out (over the week) that I have two major exams that day (Math final, History midterm.) I've been making trips to her place every other tuesday to help her out but those trips are beginning to take a slight detour from my studies.

If anyone (Mitch, maybe the twins) have a modem (with a name on it) to spare, just drop me a line.

Theres good news...
2003-10-15 18:00:27 ET

Hey Mitch! Remember those shitty boats with the color seats? Well, one of 'em took a good beating so one down, one to go. ...and I'm fine, didn't take the ferry today (not as early as 3:00pm in any case).

The bad news is that >10 people are dead and the scene was something that one wouldn't want to be involeved in as part of their daily commute.

Looks like this SK user is taking the X bus for awhile.

Thoughts to the casualties and families.

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