Theres good news...
2003-10-15 18:00:27 ET

Hey Mitch! Remember those shitty boats with the color seats? Well, one of 'em took a good beating so one down, one to go. ...and I'm fine, didn't take the ferry today (not as early as 3:00pm in any case).

The bad news is that >10 people are dead and the scene was something that one wouldn't want to be involeved in as part of their daily commute.

Looks like this SK user is taking the X bus for awhile.

Thoughts to the casualties and families.

2003-10-15 18:05:46 ET

Really? It was one of the shitty boats? I'm pretty sure it was the one with the benches..

2003-10-15 18:11:44 ET

It was the Barbari. Do you have an account with the NY times? They cover it pretty well.

2003-10-15 18:15:16 ET

Oh, ok. Because I read on one of the news sites that it was the boat that a car fell off of a few years ago. I thought the only boat that carried vehicles was the one with the wooden seats.

2003-10-15 18:45:17 ET

Thats what I thought. I heard something similer. 1010 WINS reported that it was one of the boats that carried cars.

2003-10-15 18:48:46 ET

Yea, looks like you're right. Too bad the Kennedy class ships will be retired next year:

As long as they dont have multi-colored plastic seats, they might actually be pretty nice.

2003-10-16 09:52:32 ET

Glad you're safe.

2003-10-16 09:52:35 ET

2003-10-18 07:47:56 ET

I was wondering about you guys when that happened.

2003-10-18 08:47:30 ET

Why, thank you Angel and SkyMoshingWoman. As far as I know everyone I know is fine. I've gotten so many phone calls from plenty of random people that its almost making me sick but I'm real thankful that I have friends that care.

2003-10-18 21:42:32 ET

so where were you when the philly sk meet happened? =)

2003-10-18 22:43:19 ET

Home, doing lab report =( I missed you all so very much.

2003-10-19 06:07:51 ET

you were missed too.

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