Blackened Out
2003-10-21 03:31:04 ET

Some government official used a big ol' sharpee and blacked my girl out last night.

That sounds odd.

More accurately, at about 7:30, Ontario Hydro thought to do some repairs on the grid... without mentioning it to anybody. Her roommate called Hydro and they said "Oh yeah, power should be up between 9 and 9:30"
9:45 rolls round and now they're saying 10 and 10:30
10:45 the power finally turns back on. Not that I mind that repairs have to be done, but how about a little bit of warning there?

Too much to ask, I guess. If there wasn't going to be a new gov't on Thursday, I'd head over to the premiers house, with a yellow hard hat and some industrial cable cutters and shut HIS power off.

"Sorry, just doing repairs!", then I'd run off, laughing a maniacal laugh.

My mind has to be at play somewhere. Why not the premiers home?

2003-10-21 03:36:58 ET

ahh, good to know meaningless powerloss isn't just an american epidemic. our power companies do that to us all the time. with the same excuses.

happens with our water as well. i wish i could do it back to them, but alas, that would mean jail time, and i'd hate to have that on my record :(

2003-10-21 04:10:08 ET

hahaha i've done it :-D... of course the power outtage... was spread... but it got them 2... (i didn't get caught though)... all i didn't was throw a battery cable over lines comin' from one of the main towers :-)... it was cool as hell to watch it sparked... but when the power went out.. hahaha... it went out pretty well... cause even my grannies house went out of power.. and they probably lived a good 10 to 15 minutes away from there about hahaha... :-) it was awesome... went port-o-jon tippin' after we did that :-)

2003-10-21 09:49:51 ET

youre very pretty (in a manly way) so is your girlfriend, you two should get married asap.

2003-10-21 11:45:16 ET

hahahahahahahahaha.... wait til she see's that.... I have a pretty strong feeling she won't marry me!

... at least not yet ...

2003-10-21 11:46:04 ET

awwwwwwwwwww why not!

2003-10-21 11:51:15 ET

awww, why thank you Tal! though he is quite more the Foxy than i am. :)

as for the brat-of-a-boy (in a great way - *wink*) ... i'd say "yet" is the right word to use in regards to marriage. but we've had the "what we think of marriage" talk.

2003-10-21 11:52:19 ET

O_o... what we?... or what you? :::wide eyed:::... this isn't gonna get me punched is it?

2003-10-21 12:10:09 ET

no, definitely "what we", A.G. (no punches... I'm not

Brat, am I? come to the grif! i'll take care of pint and ttc. wow, unless yer from T.O, none of that makes ANY sense

2003-10-21 12:11:39 ET

O_o (is very confused now)... but thanx for not punching

2003-10-21 12:17:14 ET

yessh - brat you are indeed and you know it. ;)
the "what we" meaning the Cat and i have chatted about our stance on marriage and what not.

2003-10-21 12:18:15 ET

what is y'alls stance? O_o (curiousity) if that isn't bein' too nosey

2003-10-21 12:22:18 ET

i would rather have a 'companion' than a 'husband'. i'm not against the notion of 'marriage' perse, but i'm not a follower of it being something religiously sanctioned. a ceremony of love and commitment is something personal to the couple and should become personalized vs. something off-the-cuff.

2003-10-21 12:24:57 ET

(well i don't believe the 'legal' marriage is really biblical thing... back in the bible... Jesus told mary... she had been married 5 times (back then... that wasn't possible... if all those times there had to be a ceremony) O_o

2003-10-21 12:33:21 ET

silly canadians.

2003-10-21 12:34:10 ET


2003-10-21 13:26:15 ET

Antoire's not Canadian... just widdle o' me

2003-10-21 13:29:39 ET

hehe ohh, then how do you two...go out?

2003-10-21 13:36:47 ET

oh, she lives here, but she isn't Canadian.

2003-10-21 13:42:30 ET

ahhhhh i get it.

2003-10-21 13:43:48 ET

he's the Irish-Italian boy that lives in Toronto.
i'm the nutty Creole-French-Italian girl from PDX who lives in Toronto.

hey ... it works! :)

2003-10-21 13:44:42 ET

wow a mick, wop, canadian

thats a first


2003-10-21 13:49:47 ET

being a McWop is a little confusing tho... big mac? wopper? I can't handle the PRESSURE!!

I just like to think of it as being the best of both mobs

2003-10-21 13:58:11 ET

I'm a MacLeod =D

2003-10-21 14:05:53 ET

Y'know, they used that in a movie once... actually it was also a series... what was the name of it...?

2003-10-21 14:08:19 ET

the Highlander. :D

2003-10-21 14:19:44 ET

yes! :)

2003-10-21 14:33:27 ET

yeah, I know, I was being facitious... I have Highlander the Immortal edition on DVD... 2 & 3 were progressively worse. And don't get me started on the series.... however, none of this is a reflection on you Tal.

2003-10-22 04:52:24 ET

coolness O_o... i am southern... :::lowers head in shame::: i am part scottish, irish, german, native... and thats all i can remember off the top of my head :-)

2003-10-22 06:48:41 ET

Highlander the original was the best of all of them, the series is just a piece of crap.

Just always struck me as funny, the got a frenchman to play a scotsman, and a scotsman to play a spaniard. heh.

2003-10-22 08:28:33 ET

I am immortal.

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