Thanks for the memories...
2003-10-21 13:47:25 ET

brought down the old box from the attic
sat with you on the floor
and shuffled the memories
here's one from a more
magical time, or so they say
faded and yellowed
stained with tears
and coffee
put back, away
up to the attic again
so sorry you had to go
too soon, or so they say

2003-10-23 05:20:38 ET

I like it's simplicity. :)

2003-10-23 06:07:44 ET

very good. reminds me of...well we won't go there, but it's good :)

2003-10-23 06:10:59 ET

thing is, I didn't know the person was dead until the end of the poem. I like the way things come together like that.

2003-10-23 06:55:54 ET

i like it - everyone can relate to this time. it's tragic in it's quiet way - a moment that every person remembers. the many times that they shift through the memories that they used to hold close -

like you told me in your comment about my latest entry - dont let those memories go.

and like me, those boxes sit around, waiting to be reopened. i like this poem. it captures a familiar time. solemn and not to be forgotten.

2003-10-23 07:00:39 ET

Thank you Pixi, I'm glad you like it.

2003-10-23 08:55:53 ET

I wrote alot like that in high school, but it's been a while, and i haven't written in a while. I like it though, i do, it's really like pixi said, something people can relate to.

Look forward to reading more =)

2003-10-23 15:48:29 ET

It reminds me of how I felt five years after my dad died, when I realized what was going on.
I was calm that day but there was still some presence of grief under the surface.
It also brought up thought of my best friend that died last month, i usually get so wrapped up with work that in a way I forget.
It's nice to see guys write, especially when it has meaning.
looking forward to seeing more. =)

2003-10-23 15:59:38 ET

im going to have to agree. simple and understandable

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