Siblings or 'Why I should by a baseball bat'
2003-10-23 16:32:29 ET

My brother is such a fuckin' asshole sometimes.

I won't go into the back history, but he has the extraordinary tendency to advise people on what they should or shouldn't do, yet when it comes to his own situation, he's got the intelligence of a cyst.

What's more, if I were to argue his opinions and ideas on my situation, he'll tell me I haven't a clue, and that he's got more experience, and therefore must be right.

Enough ranting. Who needs a drink?

2003-10-23 16:34:15 ET

Heh. Sounds familiar.
My sister and her boyfriend have the combined i.q. of pudding.. and I can't abide even a short visit with them.

my condolences, hon.

2003-10-23 16:34:30 ET

i'll drink with you *anytime*, babe.
remember ... a swift kick in his ass from ME!

2003-10-23 16:34:41 ET

sounds like just about everyone i know...

and i'll definately take a drink

2003-10-23 16:35:26 ET

depends on what you're drinking..

2003-10-23 16:35:30 ET

Thank you... I'm just going to have to grin and bear his yammering.

2003-10-23 16:36:11 ET

Drink anything under the sun!

2003-10-23 16:38:20 ET

Just ignore him. ;)

woohoo!! It's that sort of night. I had to deal with my insane aunt on the phone, and that would make anyone want to drink themselves into a coma.

2003-10-23 16:48:58 ET

you have an insane aunt too?? wow i don't feel so alone now

2003-10-23 16:53:26 ET

This is a woman who was convinced that every time she left the house, her son and husband were lowering the ceilings in an attempt to 'drive her insane'.

2003-10-23 16:53:33 ET

i think its a well kept secret that everybodys got a rediculously daft sibling and a crazy aunt.

drinks sound awsome

2003-10-23 16:54:05 ET

Tesk, you're probably right.

2003-10-23 16:58:58 ET

well i don't have the daft sibling, no siblings here...but i make up for it with more then one crazy family member

2003-10-23 17:05:45 ET

craziness is hereditary since our distant ancestors... the gerbils.

2003-10-23 17:17:23 ET

i need a drinkkkk

2003-10-23 17:18:25 ET

Have a B-52, it'll make all the problems melt away...and in the process, you'll get bombed.

2003-10-23 17:29:10 ET

I'll just nurse a bottle of wine 'til it's empty.

2003-10-23 18:10:28 ET

did that was a good bottle, a little pricey...and you know what? I didn't get so much as a buzz of the thing. I was a little disappointed.

2003-10-23 18:14:10 ET

2 glasses of wine and I'm giddy as a japanese schoolgirl.

2003-10-23 18:27:28 ET

I dated a Japanese schoolgirl.... she had the tolerance of a 2 year old

2003-10-23 18:28:36 ET

Sounds.. charming?

2003-10-23 18:38:50 ET

no... because she didn't drink, I was made to feel like an alcoholic every time I wanted to have a few beers. Now I'm with the Girl, and I can't even get close to her tolerance level. She has me under the table 5 rounds in. With the constitution to go another 7 or 8 rounds without skipping a beat.

2003-10-23 18:40:38 ET

that rocks. It's always amusing to see a girl drink a guy under the table.

2003-10-23 18:41:41 ET

but anyway... I gotta get to bed. Work tomorrow then off to North Bay.
I'll post a new entry sometime tomorrow..
By the way, I just finished watching A Bronx Tale. Really great movie. I highly recommend it.
G'night, sleep tight, but not too tight cause you might have to go to the washroom in the middle of the night and if you're sleeping too tightly you might not notice and that could be a problem.

2003-10-23 18:47:08 ET

I'll.. keep that in mind. o.O
dream well.

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