All I can give
2003-12-18 17:10:44 ET

"British humourist Spike Milligan once recalled how he was in the throes of a nervous breakdown. Alone in his bed and crying uncontrollably, he noticed his baby daughter walking towards his bed, arms outstretched. In her hand was a glass of water. She wanted to give something. Something to make it alright. This was all she could find." - Peter Paphides

Sometimes all you can give is your shoulder. Sometimes it can be tough when that's the only thing you can give.

I learned that last night.

2003-12-18 17:18:16 ET

now that i'm all tearing up..

that's so true though

2003-12-18 17:23:57 ET

Yeah. Found that in the liner notes for Crowded House's Best Of album. And it reminded me of recent events.

It's simultaneously the saddest and the most uplifting thing I've ever heard

2003-12-18 17:31:53 ET

Yeah...I made the mistake of picturing it in my head..made me all teary eyed..but it makes you smile at the same time you cry

fits with my recent events as well..seems everyone is having interesting times lately

2003-12-18 18:17:59 ET

oh my gods!
*hugs you*
that got me all watery-eyed. :(

2003-12-19 06:19:02 ET

and sometimes, even though a shoulder is all you have ...
a shoulder is all i need. as long as it is yours.

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