Is it an abcess, or is it cancer?
2004-11-12 06:07:16 ET

I just found a sore lump behind my left ear.

Cancer or abcess?

Think happy thoughts, Sean. Think happy.... Happy.....

2004-11-12 06:52:01 ET

Depending on where exactly it is, it might be a lymph node, do you feel a cold coming on?

2004-11-12 07:06:04 ET

It's on the bone, just where the bone meets the fleshy part of your neck. It feels really tender. And I never get colds.
I don't think it's cancer. It's just sore and unexpected, and seeing how may dad has throat cancer and that's on my mind... you know how the mind works.

2004-11-12 07:15:53 ET

get it looked at right away, just for safe measures.... Goodluck with it !!

2004-11-13 06:13:57 ET

It was a spider bite. Or something. It's almost gone now.

Talk about over-reacting.

Now I just gotta take care of this pesky bleeding from all my orifices....

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