The thrill of the abecedarian-
2006-03-01 21:29:42 ET

2006-03-01 21:30:41 ET

L is for Lumberjack.

2006-03-01 21:34:56 ET

R is for Rock it is also for Roll.

2006-03-01 22:06:17 ET

I is for is this Andy?

2006-03-01 22:06:17 ET

was also a considered candidate

2006-03-02 07:13:58 ET

YES as in i am positive this is andy

2006-03-02 07:41:52 ET

Persephone is for p also...
Persephone's partial pomegranate partaking posed problematic potential prior promises proved provoking preventing prolonged parental peace perhaps.

2006-03-02 15:16:02 ET

The Moonicorn is an enigma, rachel. Perhaps at one point an intelligent arctic animal was impersonated years ago to gain entry into the internet so that the moonicorns could begin amassing information against the human race, and perhaps this "andy" you speak of was the head of the operation.

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