They earned the right
2006-08-21 15:32:07 ET

2006-08-21 15:34:50 ET

red bull is magical

2006-08-21 15:41:54 ET

When consumed with a straw, it turns you into a dinosaur.

2006-08-21 15:44:56 ET

apparently. i must remember this

2006-08-21 16:02:45 ET

double-ya tee eff mate?

2006-08-21 16:46:41 ET

Whoa! Is that what you look like?! I had no idea you were a dirty, old man. Had I known that, I would have just maced you to begin with. *cooly ends his sentence with a preposition*

2006-08-21 17:08:35 ET

The T-Rex (orange) is his brother, the guy with glasses is his mom, and the green dino is his uncle clarence that he rarely talks about

2006-08-22 14:21:57 ET

You will pay for dishonoring the moonicorns by insinuating their untrue heritage.

2006-08-22 14:52:38 ET

Dinosaurs are people too! racist

2006-08-23 19:19:25 ET


2006-08-25 17:01:57 ET

Panda Sandwich has seen the truth and can't go back.

2006-08-25 18:33:13 ET

there is only one path, and it is before you.

2006-08-29 16:08:54 ET

There is only one true warrior princess

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