incredible edible edible edible edible edible incredible incrededible inedible credibility credibile
2006-09-13 00:16:15 ET

2006-09-13 02:08:24 ET


2006-09-13 02:42:12 ET

mmmmm tit cookies.

2006-09-13 07:21:42 ET

ooo yummy

2006-09-13 10:42:45 ET

How dare you tarnish the good name of peanut butter blossoms by comparing them to a sexually arousing part of the body.

2006-09-13 13:45:12 ET

eh i was feeling daring. and i haven't gotten laid in about 2 years. i don't know whats up with that.

2006-09-13 14:46:16 ET

I'm now going to look at those cookies in a whole new way.

2006-09-13 16:10:27 ET

I'm now going to ENJOY those cookies in a whole new way ;-)

2006-09-15 17:03:02 ET

I am going to tit-fuck those cookies. Is that what you are talking about?

2006-09-15 17:13:37 ET

The cookies tit-fuck you

2006-09-15 17:23:53 ET

hmm. ive never been violated by a cookie before.

2006-09-15 19:25:56 ET

I have....I don't usually like to talk about it

2006-09-16 04:49:14 ET

The cookies can't tit-fuck anyone or vise-versa, because they are delicious after meal treats and not sexual objects!

2006-09-16 05:20:42 ET

i think cowboy soultaker may wish to argue with you there.
plus, this is sk. everything here is a sexual object d-:

2006-09-17 19:28:10 ET

cookies have no sexual intents and never will.

2006-09-17 20:24:39 ET

true. but that can't stop them from looking vaguely like teh nipples.

2006-09-17 21:55:28 ET

The sun looks vaguely like nipples. The top of soda bottles look vaguely like nipples. Anything looks vaguely like nipples. Your mother's erect nipples look vaguely like nipples.

2006-09-18 02:28:31 ET

see now i just compared one thing to nipples. i'm not thinking about them all the time d-:

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