Words of salt bear more truth than those without.
2006-10-20 15:57:28 ET

Create a fact

2006-10-20 16:03:43 ET

mmm pretzels

2006-10-21 03:22:58 ET

holy crap nutso smasho just said exactly what i was going to say.

2006-10-22 12:29:27 ET

looks like you found a Love Connection.

2006-10-22 12:38:43 ET

i think you are correct!

2006-10-22 14:30:42 ET

I owe it all to the Moonicorn

2006-10-22 14:34:44 ET

we all owe much to the moonicorn.

2006-10-28 12:18:49 ET

I owe fourteen dollars to the moonicorn.

2006-11-02 00:10:21 ET

Let's eat grilled cheese sandwiches, Sir Sandalot

2006-11-06 07:47:02 ET

I have a George Foreman grill and you are invited to enjoy the best god-damned cheese sandwich you will ever experience, sir, ever experience.

2006-11-06 11:16:06 ET

george foreman grills are teh FUCKING SHIZNIT

2006-11-07 19:30:02 ET

Don't ever speak in lingo again, Turbo. Just don't.

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