2007-02-15 12:51:54 ET



The funny thing is, i don't want anybody on this site looking at these pages because you're all the same boring person!

2007-02-15 16:12:52 ET

lol, I like that blog to the moon, thats clever

2007-02-22 12:20:19 ET

It most certainly is. Tell all of your friends.

2007-02-26 17:05:26 ET

2007-02-26 20:38:17 ET

I like the part with the anime chick, not sure why

2007-02-26 20:42:09 ET

cause every hentai chick worth her salt has to be rape-killed by an extremely long cat at some point in her career ;-P

2007-02-27 07:04:02 ET


2007-02-27 11:19:56 ET


I did not think so.

2007-02-27 13:15:40 ET

actually if you pay close attention, the moon is hidden behind the earth about 1/3 of the way down from the top, so it really goes past the moon, and then past the end of the universe.

2007-02-27 13:38:31 ET

That is an artist's rendition of the moon and universe and so fourth. Your feeble picture has no validity.

2007-02-27 14:09:14 ET

well the damn blog didnt go to the moon either, then, so whats your point? d-:

2007-02-27 14:27:27 ET

The point is that your example has ended while the blog continues to this day. Tell your friends.

2007-02-27 14:28:16 ET

2007-02-27 14:37:48 ET

Also my point is that the blog is not based on a fucking 4chan joke where everybody who posts there thinks things are funny because they are absurdly incomprehensible, obscure, and not funny.

2007-02-27 14:38:03 ET

Tell your friends.

2007-02-27 14:45:26 ET

i did not post that with the intention of being funny. j00l0ze

2007-02-27 15:02:03 ET

the people on 4chan made it with the intention of being funny, you swarthy cunt

2007-02-27 15:05:57 ET

how the fuck do you know the intention of the people on 4chan who come from an entirely different world than you do!? O-:

2007-02-27 15:09:09 ET

also: "everybody who posts there thinks things are funny because they are absurdly incomprehensible, obscure, and not funny."

what the hell do you think this moonicorn page is if not absurdly incomprehensible and obscure? you contradict yourself with your two-headed turtle!

2007-02-27 15:21:55 ET

an entirely different world? They live on earth. Earth is this world. It appears we have tapped some secret soft spot in your hard goofy exterior. My posts may be wacky, but they are not incomprehensible and describe my life in cosmic detail.

2007-02-27 16:07:28 ET

i don't even think you know who you are yourself. what's with your recent avatar change, huh? WHAT ARE YOU? MAN OR MOONICORN? FUNNY OR WACKY? DIET OR ROD STEWART?

2007-02-27 16:45:37 ET

Tell all of your friends.

2007-02-27 20:00:42 ET

Ferris Bueller is on again.

2007-02-27 20:11:25 ET

now there's a movie that never gets old

2007-02-28 07:55:51 ET

The cat is much longer than most cats and that is why it is funny.

2007-02-28 08:00:47 ET

I think I get it now.

2007-02-28 08:00:53 ET


2007-02-28 08:01:02 ET


2007-02-28 08:01:42 ET


2007-02-28 18:38:59 ET

well that one obviously is.

2007-02-28 19:08:55 ET


2007-02-28 19:33:01 ET


2007-03-08 05:02:45 ET

what is your conceptual continuity?

2007-03-09 17:19:45 ET

What is your apocolyptic hypothysis?

2007-03-09 17:20:00 ET

Gore Porn

2007-03-09 17:20:09 ET

some pictures

2007-03-22 04:04:56 ET

the crux of the buscuit is the apostrophe!

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