"I see" said the blind man.
2005-09-25 17:36:57 ET

Alright, I guess I can add a journal entry now that I've been on here for a week or two.

Uh.. Well. Hmm. Dadgum.. What have I been up to?

I'm wearing a fancy fake butterfly in my hair.. got a lot of compliments on that. Exciting. Maybe I should take photos.

I shot and edited a video last night for church. It's an espionage type thing to music, and I just did a few quick shots... with my PARENTS. Because they were there, and they rock. I got this cool shot of me in black and a knit cap, wearing big honking headphones and crouched against a wall acting as if I'm listening to whats going on, on the other side.. using some sort of device. The trick is, its a wall/entryway between the kitchen and the living room, so I tried to make it look like a camera-passing-through-the-wall shot, with my mom on the other side pulling a conspicious CD from a black briefcase. I also took some driving shots myself in my parents new Chevy HHR.. its PT Cruiser-esque and dark gray so it was passable as a fancy spy mobile. And I discovered Adobe Premiers excellent color filter manipulating tooly doo-hicky, so I made some of the scenes a washed out canary yellow, and others a matrix green, and so on. And whats more, I was only up until 1am editing! It's a record.

In other news, I'm moving out of my house October 1st. Exciting. The house I'm moving into with friends is very close to town - hooha. Take THAT, exhorbant gas prices!

I'm sure there's more, but frankly.. I don't care.

So.. there. :^)

2005-09-26 18:13:11 ET

yay and such

HHR's look sexay...i havent driven/ridden in one yet, though.

2005-09-26 19:40:56 ET

They's a smoove ride, yo.

I'm used to my jumpy manual-transmission.. so driving in anything automatic feels like I'm gliding. But the HHR was particularly nice.

2005-09-26 19:42:08 ET

i cant drive a stick worth snot, and wouldnt dare try in los angeles x_x


2005-09-27 14:39:39 ET

Driving anything in LA sounds scary. Whats more, I dreampt that there was this massive car accident at a popular local intersection, last night. There were like.. dead people and decapitated bodies everywhere. T'was awful. Nightmares.. blechh.

2005-09-27 17:36:16 ET

thats no fun ):

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