2005-10-08 13:15:53 ET

Well.. I moved out of my parents house last week. So far so good. We decided not to get internet there, so my postings will be even fewer and further between than they are now.


2005-10-08 14:36:55 ET

At least the relivance will be dencified

2005-10-08 14:55:56 ET

No internet? What brought on that decision?

2005-10-08 22:36:10 ET

you need the internet!!!

2005-10-09 19:51:26 ET

I'm not sure thats true, Matt, since I've managed to be reasonably irrelevant in my two sole posts.

As far as the decision to not have the internet.. I guess because I'm the only one of the four of us that uses it regularly.. and even I don't want to spend my life on the computer, so I didn't have a problem giving it up.

It helps that my dad isn't letting me take the upstairs computer to the new house.. for some reason the man needs a computer upstairs and downstairs, for reasons unknown to me. Oh well. They're only ten minutes away if I need to print anything.

Sadly, however, my roomates have decided to get cable, so even though I will in all likelyhood never turn the TV on, I still have to foot a fourth of the bill.

That all kind of had a negative tone o.o I'm happy, really.. I'm not sucked to the computer 24/7, I have friends who I can gauge the emotions of without having to look into their emoticons for an indication of their voice inflection... and I've been internet boyfriend-free for almost four years. Life is good.

2005-10-09 19:54:36 ET

that was meaty

2005-10-09 20:06:59 ET

Thanks.. I think. |:^)

2005-10-09 23:25:59 ET

like omgz u n333d teh intarweb! N333D IT!!! lolz.

2005-10-12 13:02:55 ET

Your post is proof of why I made a good decision ;^P

Just kidding, Turbish. ;^)

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