2006-04-13 20:31:50 ET

So... um. Yes. I think.

I thought I dropped a cappuccino jellybean.. but I didn't! Hooray. It was hiding in the cuff of my shirt, and has thus been consumed.

Light keeps flashing.. hark! A lightening storm. Maybe I'll go to bed and watch it from my window. Shiny.

Why do I feel like I sound like a mental patient?

2006-04-13 20:35:47 ET

at least cappuccino is distinct enough not to be confused with rat droppings

2006-04-14 12:10:53 ET

pseudo mental patients unite!

2006-04-14 23:20:41 ET

Yay! *cries* I'm mental-patienty.. ;_; Maybe just angsty.

2006-04-15 08:23:27 ET

it's spring not august

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