2006-04-27 05:25:00 ET

I never know what to say. So I just keep typing whatever comes to mind and come across sounding slightly like a lunatic. Maybe a caged one.

So ah.. man. What ARE my plans for this summer? There are mission trips.. comicons.. all manner of travel.. and I'm not going on any of them. I'm hoping to shoot videos but I hope to shoot videos every summer and its always a wash.

On that note, I really need to clean out the computer at the church.. editing and burning are not going well when its crammed fulla stuff that should be on DvD.

And on that note, I need to eat and medicate.

2006-04-27 06:16:14 ET

just did that

potential to kenetic is not easily mastered

2006-04-27 12:04:03 ET

montana! ;-P

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