2006-05-04 22:11:56 ET


I made coco-crispie treats.. and dyed my hair brown.. and thats about the extent of my feminine homemaker skills for this week.

I've been pondering on my subcultural past. Back in the day no one in my immediate circle of friends erred much outside the realm of casual athletic. But I, at the time in rank social outcastedness, bedecked myself in the plaidest of plaids, the bootiest of boots and the ugliest of ugly resold sweaters. I listened to music comparitively more hardc0re... perused the library and local-concert line for new material...browsed the apocalyptic war-related artstuffs to use as muses.

Where'd it get me? Nowhere.

2006-05-05 00:15:30 ET

or maybe its going to get you somewhere that you don't know yet (;

2006-05-05 18:12:10 ET

maybe the knowledge will die with you

odd to the wilt of the inner hardness and polyester mixed with sweat

Don't block/ban me
people do that and I don't even know them or what I said

2006-05-11 20:30:36 ET

Do people block you so much that you have to disclaimer all of your comments? o.O

It was a poetic and reasonably thought-provoking thing to say, that. I will spare you for now.

Lars, shut your yap.

2006-05-11 21:03:55 ET

my trap is still open!

2006-05-11 21:05:37 ET

If you are unable to shut your yap yourself, I'd be happy to do it for you.

2006-05-11 21:08:33 ET

you do not have that power! O-8

2006-05-11 21:10:22 ET

I might get new powers from being electrocuted by my powerstrip, so you just wait!

2006-05-11 21:14:56 ET


2006-05-11 21:23:22 ET


2006-05-12 00:55:46 ET

ah, sleep deprivation.

2006-05-12 04:37:54 ET

my shoulder hurts

2006-05-12 13:21:36 ET

move your mini shoulder dancer to your other shoulder.

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