2006-06-10 18:48:15 ET

It seems no matter how old I get, I find myself in the company of those who are discontent.

It's never enough.

2006-06-10 19:07:15 ET

just give me my $2

2006-06-10 19:12:45 ET

I spent it on a milkshake. Sorry.

2006-06-10 21:13:37 ET

I've found happiness only comes when I tell myself, repeatidly, "I'm happy" and go to lengths to act and believe accordingly. It's really all about lying to myself.

2006-06-10 21:46:54 ET

most things these days are deserving of discontent. i am, however, content to live and do what i can, against all odds, to better myself and help others do the same. i'm content to continually search for god and want to better myself. i think people confuse contentment with complacency and stagnancy too often.

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