Honour Thy Lumberjack
2006-07-01 12:44:13 ET

Canada Day! I hope you all enjoy it.
Got a ton of hamburgers, steak, salad, etc along with several cases of beer. And fireworks.

Alcohol + incendiary devices = win.

I might post later when I'm too drunk to stand. Should be fun.

2006-07-01 13:07:37 ET

I'm not a fan of celebrating things like Canada Day...I usually just ignore it.

The people that used to live next door took great pleasure in painting red maple leaves on their asses and waterskiing past the ferry.

2006-07-01 13:45:27 ET

silly canadians...

2006-07-01 21:12:45 ET

hehe... we got canada day - fourth of july - tourist - normally drunks going on here...

2006-07-03 19:17:53 ET

Canada day? wtf is this?

I vote that we make a Scotland day too then!
In fact i DEMAND it!

2006-07-05 13:11:56 ET

scotland needs an iron-bru day.

..damn now i want a candy bar.

2006-07-06 19:20:21 ET

lol. Iron Bru day it is. I vote it be every day... forever.

2006-07-26 18:26:08 ET

Flame Flame Flame Flame!!!!!!!!

2006-07-28 19:06:01 ET


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