2008-07-30 11:09:19 ET

J in uniform!

Well I went to work today and was sent home to shave. he local sheriff doesn't like facial hair. u.u

But I added a picture of my in my album in uniform!


2008-07-25 17:50:02 ET

New Job

Well it's been awhile. Last week I was laid off from Moeller. -sighs- That sucked. But I managed to get a job working for the government as a Corrections officer at the Justice Center here in Sparta. Which is good. It'll be abit hard to get used to at first I can tell but I'll keep working there until I can get some money together so I can get into what I really want to do for a living. Police work! I've been going to a gym in Cookeville that's open 24 hours a day so I'm starting to get some muscle tone finally. n.n All I have to do now is work on my endurance.

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