Hola!2008-06-20 04:23:42 ET


Well lets see here. What's new... I went to see the Hulk movie last night. I have to say that movie was better than the last one in alot of ways. ^_^ Graphics rocked! I'm still working at Morllers. Yay... Well it's not so bad. I work 10 hours a day four days aweek and have three days off. So that's good. Getting old fast though. But hell I like having those days off. Helps me get caught up on my reading. I talked to mom and dad awhile back. They said I could use some of their land to put a house or whatever down when I get the money. So I'm working on that. It'd be nice to have a house and not pay rent. I bought Carlos Santana's Ultimate Collections cd this morning too. I love the songs on it! Some of his best in my opinion! I've also been working on my car. It's still kinda a junker but it's getting better. I have to replace the fan next. It's starting to rattle some. o.O Sounds like it may explode soon or something. lol

Life is good.2008-04-18 06:47:24 ET

Life is good.

Well let's see... Well since my last update my life has begun to improve. I'm now working a stable job at Moeller's here in sparta. I get a pay raise in another two weeks. ^_^ I've got a newish car. Well it's a clunker but it's running and that's always nice. I got out of court about a hour ago for a seatbelt ticket. Fun fun. The judge dismissed it since he found out I haven't been living in Tennessee for very long now. Nice guy. I'm paying my medical bills 5 bucks a week until I get the two or three small ones done. And my sister and I have been talking again. She's even going to help me find a apartment in Cookeville when I get some more money put back. ((God I miss having a apartment all to myself.)) Oh! I've been talking to Ana again. Been catching up on things. Her son is now in school! If I remeber right he's in first grade now. Hmmm... what else... Ah! I've lost about 10 pounds so far. Yay! I'm aiming at a goal weight of 280! So another 60 pounds or so and I'm good. ((That's right! Chubbies rule!)) Well that's about it I think.

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