life2008-03-04 23:48:37 ET


Well my sister is at it again. She's trying to set me up with one of her friends again. Eh. She means well I think... I think... Ah well. Who know's maybe I'll take her up on it sometime later on. But right now I'm going to try and get into a better state of health. Push ups for me tonight! Yay...!

Update2008-03-03 22:59:05 ET


Okay. It's been awhile since I've been on here. ^_^ sorry. Well first of all I've been hired on at the factory where I was working as a temp. It's hell but it's work. Right? Right now I'm trying to pay off bills and fix my truck. Then after that I'm going to move to Cookeville. My sister told me of some apartments that are studio flats for $150 give or take. Tish has also been trying to set me up with her friends. But honestly I'm not ready to date right now. Even though it's been a year now. ^_^; Maybe I'm abit scared to try now. -laughs- That's kind of funny to think about.

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