New work2007-12-02 20:38:37 ET

New Work

Okay. It's been awhile since I was able to post. -twirls finger- I only got tonight off because of my stupid luck.

Well since my last post, I've started to work at a place called Moellers. I work as a skidder in the warehouse. The WAREHOUSE!
I'm working with real brain surgen's right here! John Brown. Whome I have known since my freshmen year of high school. Yeah. Women think he's "HOT! DREAMY! STUDDLY!" But if they knew how stupid he was... well he'd be a virgn still. -laughs insanly- I really don't know why I am in this town. (NOT A FREAKINGCITY!) It's small. Poor work wise. And more importantly. Neck deep with rednecks and hillbillies!

I mean real lookers and charmers here folks. Grade A+ trailer trash.

Pathetic2007-10-31 20:48:26 ET


Well today has been a very "reveiling" day. I hate it when shit falls apart all around my head.

Very stressing... VERY!

First of all my roommates are driving me They fight over every stupid little thing! "He didn't put up the toaster." or "He didn't check the heaters lastnight, so why should I check them tonight!?" My personal favorite is "He didn't ask me, so fuck him." That seems to be a universal answer for the both of them...

I want to french kiss a single barrel shotgun right now. And I mean lots of tongue!

I get to work and find out that I'm being replaced by a guy named "Jack" who has the I.Q of a goldfish. Gods all mights I feel for poor old little cute "Sister" Mary. She's going to have to be the one to tell Jay when he comes back that I was replaced by Jack. If I know Jay like I think he'll throw his "Hulk" bitch fit of hellish rage. -I love watching those! You never know who or what he'll throw next!- Well I made some calls to people who may know of other places hiring right now. MY sister... my younger sister... who's married... insane... weird... a assistant teacher to children... and works full time at night as a Bill Rep for a company in Cookeville says "I'll put your RESUME' up with some applications here!" Now the only other time she's ever helped me was when she was somewhere in the age range of 6! I can feel the cool icy draft whipping through hell as I type! Any cooler down there and I'll start selling time shares along the beaches of lava lake!

My shotguns name is Amy-May. She like tongue. -sighs-

But it could be worse... And it is. I get home from work and find 8... 8888888888888888888888888888888! Eight letters from laywers... None of them I have ever heard of. They all want money for medical bills I didn't know I had... I thought it was a poor Halloween joke! I was waiting for someone to jump out and say boo! But no... no one...

I think I should have stayed in Mass. and just kicked Cristalis out and kept my old job as a Lt. in a security company. I'd be poor and alone... but a good job, payments on bills, and food... Mmm... real food...

Did I mention my shotguns name is Amy-May? She's like the thunder...


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