2007-04-01 14:40:19 ET

I think my monkey just died!

Okay, Well I'm at work again. Yay! Right... Well I'm in the office waiting for the crew I'm supposed to transport to get here.

I'm hoping I get home by midnight sometime. I miss Cristalis. Oh! I am going to ask Tom if I can barrow his digital camera so I can get some pictures of me and my lady up on my page. She's so cute!

I'm still playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy 12. I love those games. They are so good. If I could I'd hot-wire them to my brain! That and I will sometime in the future get around to playing Suikoden 4,5, and Tactics.

Mmmm! <3 Rune of Punishment! Tastes like pork!

Holy Hell!2007-03-30 18:42:30 ET

Holy Hell!

Well I'm 120 dollars closer to getting a car. And it's a hell of a lot of money! Yeah I know "What!? 124!? That all?!?" Well I'm telling you man my rents 200 bucks a week. I have to pay for food which is like about 50 bucks a week. And then there's the money I have to send to bills to stay out of court. Sad really. I'm the overlord of the world and no one is offering to pay me not to kill them with storms of burning rubber duckies! Fear my ducks!

I'm at work right now. Waiting to have my time changed to match what I've worked today. As of right now I've worked around 60 hours in 4 days. Cheer for me damn it! -Waits- Oh yeah. Sweet sweet cheers of love! lol I found out Cristalis can have a kitty now. The landlord said we could now. But we have to have all the papers, shots, blah and blah to have one. Oh did I mention I have to pay a deposit of a 100 bucks when we get it and 10 extra bucks a week too? Well we do! -pants- But if it makes her happy and not so lonely while I'm at work I can pull the money together for it somehow. Well I'm off to kill my boss now and write my new poem in his gray matter. <.< >.> What little he has.
Plus after we get the cat, car, sanity, and so on we are going to look into finding a apartment in Lowell, Ma to live. Hopefully someplace I can pay on my own just incase. Yay!

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