2007-04-28 17:58:23 ET

El Diablo!

Okay kids! It's time I tell you a story. A story of a man who has a truck now. Yes. A 1990 Ford 1.5 ton truck. This man drove his truck. To work. To the house. To the graves of stupid people who stepped out in front of him while he drove. O.O If you haven't noticed... I HATE PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU SHOULD STOP FOR THEM WHEN THEY ARE J-WALKING IN THE STREET! But yes I have a truck. It's a boy! I need a cigar now. <3

2007-04-16 17:40:34 ET


Well I'm at work. And writing. As I sat here I got a phone call from Cristalis. She informed of a new smell. She calls it... Ass-chili! Mmm! Tasty! But before that I was upset today. Over something that had to be done. I talked to my boss about getting a car off of him. I'll be paying 600 up front and 50 a week for it until it's paid off. Yay! Wheels!

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