2007-04-30 22:18:09 ET

We are those who are!

I am he who came before those that lived in a time that was hence when it was said to be. And I come to be because of those who have been. We are those who are because we live in the light of the future that the one has sent before us. We are because we are! Yes we speak of the thing that has been forever and will always be henceforth! Those who do not believe shall be placed upon what was and carted into the place that will be forth coming! We speak of a time when they who have gone shall return in a way that was once forgotten. I speak of cheese!

I also have two new pictures!

2007-04-29 02:23:00 ET


Ever have one of those days where everything that could go wrong did go wrong? Maybe I should start with how things went...
1: Woke up to a pissed off girlfriend.
2: Kept getting the silent treatment from her until 4pm.
3: Got to work.
4: Had to work 16 hours.
5: One of my bosses was in the office... I had to be nice to him...
6: I have to wait until my replacement gets here before I can leave...
7: I have to be back at work by 4pm again today! Sunday!
8: I'll only get 4 hours of sleep today.
9: I can't think of anyway to say "I love you" to Cat that isn't stupid or pathetic........

Plus having to figure out how to pay for a truck to get fixed! Then later a place to live... that's somewhat cheap... I be a poor, broke, white/tanned, fat man!

I hate my life once in awhile... But then I see people who hate theirs more than me and I'm okay again. ^_^

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