God! Smite this fool!2009-04-22 19:24:50 ET

Well I had a date monday. I think I fucked pretty well. Dad always said don't do it half-assed. Dear god that day started so well. But ended so freaking bad. Though we did go out for like 5 to 61/2 hours.

Burp!2009-03-28 20:58:26 ET

Weell I've been living in my new apartment for about 2 weeks now. ^_^ It's not bad. A perfect single's place. Got my net and cable running and I've got my dvd player and ps2 up and going. ^_^ Now all I need to do is think about what kinda pet I'm going to be getting. I'm thinking a cat. O.o But I'm not sure if I should or not. I'm living in Cookeville now. Though I'm still working in Sparta at the sheriff's department. I'm in corrections still.

I just watched Bleach and Code Geass. I love those anime. They rock!

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