Damn!2009-10-09 09:22:45 ET

Well after a year of struggling to live in my own place I haven't been let go from another TN special job. Oh well. I'll just have to tighten me belt. Plus! I'm now down to 301 now! I dropped around 80 some odd lbs. Woot me! Chubby's rule!

When it rains it pours.2009-05-16 18:19:08 ET

Well it has been about two weeks since I walked out of the Sheriff's department. They accused me of being a dirty officer. I don't honestly remeber another time in my life when I was ever that insanely mad.
Well for the last two weeks I've been job hunting like a nut! I've landed a job working at the Algood wal-mart for now. It'll pay the rent I suppose.
And before that I had that awful date with Liza. I thought of it as she said it was "supposed" to be. A date to get to know each other slowly. SLOWLY!!! She damn near climbed into my lap! Don't get me wrong here. In my younger adult life I'd be all for that. But now... I just want someone to relax around and have a good time. I like things abit on the slow side now.
Well anyway this coming monday I'm going to the doctors to get my eyes checked out again. I think my bad eye is getting weaker. I'm going to need a new set made if they are getting worse.

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