Before I forget again.2010-04-04 07:57:48 ET

Before I went away for abit I also got a new tattoo. I love it! I'll post a pic of it and more updated pix of me when I can afford or find someone with a good camera! I need someone to click me! Dang it! Click me now! By the way I'm abit on the hyper side today. Feeling pretty good.

Home!2010-04-04 07:45:23 ET

Yea. So I'm home now! Been gone since Tuesday. Longest days of my life, I swear on the last bit of hair on my head! I'm not going into where I've been or why but man oh man it's good to be back! Now I've just got to get to Walgreens, work, and a repair shop for my truck. Always with the good times.
Never enough time for the big guy.

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