Before I forget again.
2010-04-04 07:57:48 ET

Before I went away for abit I also got a new tattoo. I love it! I'll post a pic of it and more updated pix of me when I can afford or find someone with a good camera! I need someone to click me! Dang it! Click me now! By the way I'm abit on the hyper side today. Feeling pretty good.

2010-04-04 15:13:50 ET


2010-04-05 19:58:16 ET

Did you go to the looney bin yet?

2010-04-07 18:01:26 ET

I actually got out of there friday. It was very different. I have to go to a shrink @ 8:30 on the 9th. Gotta talk about rage and blah blah blah.

Woo! I am planning on getting 5 more tattoo's.
2 pairs of arm chains.
1 god eye on my neck
2 wings on my back. Tribal dragon wings.

Yes I'm a ink junkie now. XD

2010-04-10 16:53:20 ET

When you say you went away for awhile I somehow caught on to what you were talking about. I'd love to be an ink junkie but i'm too broke. I have four tats now. My brother is a tattoo artist we're working up a plan to cover my leg... w00t!

2010-04-11 20:23:24 ET

Yeah they're pretty pricy. Right now I'm job hunting again. Got laid off again this time. A leg tattoo would be cool. Eventually I want two sleeves done.

2010-04-12 04:55:39 ET

If I can ever make it to the shop in the evening my tats could be free. I just don't have anyone to watch my daughter. I'd really hate to conform but im seriously debating on a trampstamp...Stupid girl.

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