2010-05-10 05:29:43 ET

Well I just got home from job hunting. Didn't do too bad. Went to like 30 places though.
But other than that I got pictures of my puppies!

I love 'em. The boy is Monster AKA Mon-mon and the girl is Sissy AKA Nutjob. As soon as I get the pictures ready I'll post 'em. Also I have to put up my new picture of me in my glasses. Mmmm brainy.
I should have those up soon. Weeeee!

Damn2010-04-13 04:16:01 ET

Well damn. I went to the Doc's office for my appointment and the lady at the front desk said I didn't meet the annual income amount to get assisted financing for the visit. So I ended up going home yesterday and having a cig. So now I have to wait on getting another appointment and that means my nutpills will run out at the end of the month. I have decided on doing what I usually did in the past to relax when I get really stressed or angry. Sleep under my favorite tree down below my folks place. It's this huge tree that is always dead center of the feild. It's a really nice place for a nap. lol That's probably the best thing to do for now. God I hate how things work out sometimes.

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