Happy or Sad!?2010-07-10 15:58:56 ET

I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. Alittle while ago I had to talk to my mother. Dad was in his computer/game room. I finally told her to stop playing with my life. I just can't put up with her insanity. She said that she had to get some kind of fun out of me. So there it is. I'm not sure I'm happy to finally be done with her and dad or if I'm sad because I wasn't a son to her, instead a damned joke with legs.

I went to get another pack of cig's today. I think I'm becoming a chain smoker. 3 packs a day is alot huh?
I started talking to a shrink again. Last one said I was abit nutty. lol Go figure huh? A crazy going to see a shrink and she just then figured I was a bit south of sane. lol

2010-06-03 14:24:59 ET

It's been about a week now. I had to put my puppy Monster down. He became pretty ill. The vet couldn't do anything for him, so we put him down and buried with him my older dog Grunt.
Still job hunting. This state sucks with jobs.

Side Note:
It seems I'm constantly collecting nicknames from random people everywhere I go. Today I went to the gas station to get a pack of cig's and the lady behind the counter announced that she is going to start calling me "Dead-eye" due to the lifeless look in my eyes. Or so she says. I think old age is getting to her. But hell if it knocks off a buck from the price, more power to her.

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