Happy or Sad!?
2010-07-10 15:58:56 ET

I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. Alittle while ago I had to talk to my mother. Dad was in his computer/game room. I finally told her to stop playing with my life. I just can't put up with her insanity. She said that she had to get some kind of fun out of me. So there it is. I'm not sure I'm happy to finally be done with her and dad or if I'm sad because I wasn't a son to her, instead a damned joke with legs.

I went to get another pack of cig's today. I think I'm becoming a chain smoker. 3 packs a day is alot huh?
I started talking to a shrink again. Last one said I was abit nutty. lol Go figure huh? A crazy going to see a shrink and she just then figured I was a bit south of sane. lol

2010-07-10 16:06:10 ET

i think to be a shrink you have to be a bit crazy yourself as well d-;

and eh...family is...what it is...i consider many of my friends as close if not much closer to me than most of my family. not that i have a particularly bad relationship with my parents and it continues to actually get better as i get older; but i don't tether myself to them either. it'd be useless. the world has a lot of good people in it, whether or not those people happen to be the people who spawned you.

2010-07-17 05:47:27 ET

Most people who are good to you are not related to you. My friends are my family and my family is just bystanders right now.
I also agree with Lars about the Shrink, Most people who want to help crazy people I belive went fucking nuts at one time or another.
I love you, Hope everything works out soon.

2010-07-17 13:00:40 ET

Maybe you're both right. And thanks. You're both good kids.

2010-07-17 19:25:22 ET

anytime...you am too!

2010-07-18 05:35:40 ET

o.0, I dated you for two years and now I'm a good kid... Wow, I'm totally regressing.

2010-07-18 15:58:24 ET

XD I call almost everyone younger than me "kid" it's odd like that.

2010-07-19 04:37:12 ET

Lmfao... I've turned into an I-Love-You-Slut. Why I don't know but, oh well...
I'ma sweet person! ROTFLMFAO

2010-07-22 18:06:55 ET

-dies laughing- Figures. You sweeten up and I get bitter.

2010-07-24 05:43:12 ET

Funny how life works out...

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