2009-12-12 10:51:21 ET

Well I'm 28 now. O.o And I think I like it.
A couple of my friends came over last night and we had a little drinking party to easy me into my new age. Ah... Good times.

2009-12-12 15:24:17 ET

happy womb liberation day!

i turn 27 later this month myself if i don't die first. woo buddy.

2010-01-11 18:44:39 ET

XD right on man! Incase I don't get to tell ya later. Happy W.L. (Birthdat) man.

2010-02-12 23:51:37 ET

happy belated.... yea im like WAY late.

2010-04-04 07:33:00 ET

No biggie. Thanks though. I would've replied to this sooner but I've been gone for abit. lol

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