2003-07-24 13:53:05 ET

I've decided to fill in for Vasa today kind of. I'm going to throw on all the Haujobb I just made mp3 copies of on the air. I can't be too chatty today because I have stuff to do around the house. But I'll be checking in here and there as I let live365 run.

Oh yeah, I worked on the volume levels of everything off of Homes and Gardens. They should sound louder than the original versions, and hopefully better.

2003-07-24 14:02:07 ET

do u have the new release?
I wanna hear it.

2003-07-24 14:04:59 ET

not yet.

2003-07-24 14:05:17 ET

this is all backcatalog

2003-07-24 17:55:39 ET

there needs to be a remastered version of H&G

2003-07-24 17:59:09 ET

i was thinking that earlier today while i was working on those tracks.

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