Filling In Broadcast
2003-07-24 17:08:02 ET

Three hours of Haujobb added to my directory today:

Dream Aid (different species) (Forma Tadre rmx)
Cold Comfort (scrap yard) (cEvin Key rmx)
Cold Comfort
Cut Edge
Dream Aid
Eye Over You (Adi Newton rmx)
Eye Over You (added surveillance)
Eye Over You
*wow, that's a lot of Eye Over You...
Haujobb's State
Homes and Gardens (MY-1)
Journey Ahead
Less (rmx)
Net Culture
Penetration (Converter rmx)
Perfect Average
Rising Sun
Solid State Logic
The Cage Complex
World Window

I shudder to think how much space it will take up on my drive when I decide to work on Skinny Puppy. It's getting close to time to get some CDRs for backing up the library so I don't have to go through this again if my machine ever decides to blow up. So far I have around 47 hours worth of music, the majority of came from my CD collection, so much more to rip still. I have way too much time on my hands when I have time to sit all day and agonize over the quality of an MP3 before I see it fit to play on my show.

I think I'm staying off Soulseek for now. The last few times I've been up some joker tries to download my entire directory. I don't see anything wrong with sharing a song or an album here and there but trying to take someone's entire directory seems rude to me. I only leave mine open to be polite when browsing. Whatever, some people are just greedy.

I stink, time for a shower. At least I have a clean bathroom now. See! Too much time on my hands...

2003-07-26 11:33:31 ET

whats your soulseek name?

2003-07-26 12:09:05 ET

who else but washu?

2003-08-04 19:18:28 ET

Hahahaha..if those were tracks by 'artists' I like, it'd be more like three minutes of music.

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