2003-08-04 15:55:49 ET

So busy! No time for any updates.

Things to do this week:
-clean the kitchen
-mow the yard
-get someone to clean the bathroom
-take the garbage out tonight
-go to Kelly's Olympian tonight for Mr. Grim's DJ set
-vacuum the house
-meet up with Chastity
-take Chas to Ember's on Wed., possibly the Backroom on Fri.
-clean my free grill
-clean my room

There's a BBQ in the works for Friday. So much to do, so much to do...

2003-08-04 16:24:17 ET

Warped Savant and Chastity are finally making their way down?

2003-08-04 17:04:35 ET

I'll bring dead animal

2003-08-04 17:37:46 ET

Jodi - just Chas

Alice - bring enough for meeeeeeeeee...*stomach grumbles*

Ant - i deleted your message here and in lj since you posted yr private info to the public and i'm weird about things like that. i still have the info in my inbox on yahoo though. will call sooner or later.

2003-08-04 17:45:05 ET

awww, thanks :)

2003-08-04 17:45:16 ET

Ribs sound good?
I make really good ribs : )

2003-08-04 17:49:01 ET

yes. :)

2003-08-04 18:42:29 ET

im broke...cant ever contribute to social events when i the man probably has my ass working all friday...pigfucker man...

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