I Feel Important
2002-06-16 21:41:14 ET

I get to go to the Portland Gift Show tomorrow on a buying expedition for work. Hi! No technical skills but hey, I can shop.

Why am I having trouble getting The Lap-dance Is Always Better When the Stripper Is Crying by the Bloodhound Gang out of my head? I've found myself humming it on and off all day.

2002-06-18 19:09:27 ET

...i find it's such a thrill when she grinds me against her will...


2002-06-18 19:49:54 ET

...i never thought missing children could be so sexy...did i say that out loud?

2002-06-18 19:56:10 ET

OMG, now I'm sitting here listening to it! ahhhhhhhh, now it'll never be outta' my head--I forgot about the fact that the whole song was done on a shitty Casio keyboard! RAWK

*I got ta' nail'er in the back of a trailer--heh, that rhymes!"

2002-06-18 20:10:11 ET

I'm so close to playing it for my show tomorrow just to exorcise it from my brain. It would be the closing tune.

...i have to admit it was even more of a turn-on when i found out she was doin' me to buy baby formula...

2002-06-18 20:15:00 ET

Well, it's not quite Haujobb but there IS a Casio keyboard--LOL! I'll be listening, if you play that I'll luv you fo-eva'!

2002-06-18 20:18:09 ET


i'll take that as a request.

2002-06-18 20:19:45 ET

oops... that's Thursday not tomorrow...

2002-06-18 20:21:20 ET

damn you, damn you I say!

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