Distorted Disco
2003-08-15 14:54:49 ET

It's Friday and I'm live on Sykoradio right now.


2003-08-15 15:10:02 ET

its not letting me listen!!

2003-08-15 15:11:40 ET

what's it doing?

2003-08-15 15:14:03 ET

it keeps telling me to download the 365 player but its already installed, and when i click play it opens up the browser of what your playing and then goes back to 'download L365' again. erhgtg!

2003-08-15 15:15:33 ET

maybe an uninstall is in order.

2003-08-15 15:21:26 ET

what i don't understand is how i have -1 listeners. o.O

2003-08-15 15:23:43 ET


its not letting me stream it using firebird, and IE is the one that keeps asking me to download it. fuck sucks

2003-08-15 15:25:42 ET

vasa is alright with the technical end. you might want to pm him and ask if he can help. i believe he's on now.

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