Show #35 Playlist
2003-08-15 15:48:34 ET

Coil - Nasa-Arab
Hrvatski - You Didn't Look High Enough
Juno Reactor - Jardin de Cecile
Monolith - Tribal Globe
B-TON-K - Karoushi
Implant - You Are What You Hear
Black Lung - Downtime Disco Dementia
Asche - Your Bomb
5F_55 - 4D61 6B72 6F62 696F 6E69 6B
Feindflug - Vollstreckung
F/A/V - Tote Frauen/ Kranke Mõnnor
Hocico – Starving Children
Page 12 – Halo
Pzycho Bitch – Eden
Kalte Farben – Innocents
Skinny Puppy – Hexonxonx
Pigface – Hips, Tits, Lips, Power
Foetus – Cirrhosis of the Heart
Sheep On Drugs – X-Lover
Clear Vision – Turn the Tide V.01
And One – Für
Cyberaktif – Nothing Stays
Haujobb – Less (rmx)


That’s all for this week. Cross your fingers in hope of me getting a job someday soon so I can bring you all some more current music plus broaden the collection just to bring you more music in general. I would love to be able to play something off the new Haujobb and Velvet Acid Christ albums among other things.

2003-08-15 15:53:22 ET

Feindflug = Good Hard Sex.


2003-08-15 15:55:44 ET

oh yeah!

2003-08-15 15:57:12 ET

what's even more great is Feindflug = good hard sex even without the second player :P

2003-08-15 16:00:46 ET

lol! the first disk of the End of the Line box from the Klinik is good too IMHO.

2003-08-15 16:57:21 ET

i'd probably argue that the Klinik is better:) Are you going to the reunion show?

2003-08-15 16:59:25 ET

what reunion show?

2003-08-15 17:00:13 ET

2003-08-15 20:07:33 ET

if you ever want something from my collection, drop me a line...and then maybe someday we will actually meet too...

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