2003-08-19 12:40:52 ET

The plans for the trip to AZ are coming together. I get to ride the train home from Tucson on the 12th. I love train rides. They are so much more soothing to me than flying. It's looking like I may have a three hour lay over in LA on the way back from 7 to 10pm. Anyone in LaLa land want to keep me occupied during the lay over?

2003-08-19 13:10:20 ET

You will be at the Amtrak station? Union Station? I can get there. I think it's not far from yummy Japanese and Mexican food. http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/rail/depots/stops/lax.htm

2003-08-19 13:13:43 ET

I think so. I'll keep you updated. Food sounds like a good idea. :-)

2003-08-19 13:38:28 ET

it's literally across from Olvera Street, if you like Mexican stuff.

And food is ALWAYS A good idea. :D

2003-08-19 15:23:14 ET

correction: i'll be going Grayhound. i hate busses and i have to spend nearly two days on one.:-(

*stocks up on batteries for her walkman.

2003-08-19 15:46:13 ET

"The main Greyhound bus terminal, at 1716 E Seventh St (tel 213/629-8401, www.greyhound.com), is in a seedy section of downtown, but access is restricted to ticket holders so it's safe enough inside. LA's other Greyhound stations handle fewer services: 1409 Vine St, in Hollywood; 11239 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood; 645 E Walnut St, Pasadena; 464 W 3rd St, Long Beach; and 100 W Winston Rd, Anaheim."


dude, do you have any choice as to which bus to take? Hollywood or Pasadena would both RULE.

Hollywood = fun
Pasadena = Axo picks you up instantaneously.
LA = we send in a k0r3 SWAT team to extract you from the terminal, utilizing heavy armor.

2003-08-19 15:56:52 ET

no choice at all. the ticket has been bought. i'm looking into another option right now.

2003-08-19 16:19:15 ET

crap! it's a done deal. the only way i could change it is to try to exchange the ticket for a one way to LA via Greyhound on the 12th, stay over night, catch the train the next day. but it's an additional $78 provided Greyhound would even exchange the ticket. what a headache!

2003-08-19 16:56:57 ET

ick. well, we'll come save you and take you to Little Tokyo or something. :D

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